GOURMET SNACK FOOD CO.是著名的制造商,供应商和出口商之一,工厂位于台湾。凭着多年在该领域的生产经验,我们表现出色。我们创立的品牌已成为领先品牌之一。我们不断地升级我们的产品来达到不同客户的不同需求。我们拥有一支精英团队,提供高品质产品的按时交货。我们用热诚和辛勤工作保证我们的产品质量与国际标准一致。


Gourmet SNACK FOOD CO. is the pioneer in Food Processing Technology. After eight years of painstaking study on dehydrated food, Mr. Li Wei-Chung and Mr. Li Huan Hsinn finally developed the world’s first vacuum fry-dried food in 1975. This unique process, which uses rapid low temperature and low pressure, allows the production on chips which not only retain the original natural flavors, colors and nutrition (minerals, fibers…,etc.) of the vegetables used, but also eliminates the need for adding artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives, stabilizer and other unnatural additives. All Vegetables Chips are made from FRESH Vegetables. Well Selected, carefully sliced, delicately crisped with the most advanced process, they Preserve all the NATURAL FLAVOR of fresh Vegetables, charmingly combined with that CRISPY touch-YOU’LL LOVE IT!